Arts Walk 2023 Film and Dance

by Bryan Willis

Indicative of the vast art and entertainment to be found at Arts Walk, check out the OlyFilm and OlyAct film demo where You’re the Star! That’s right, it’s your chance to see the filmmakers of OlyFilm shoot a 10-minute film in ten hours (the duration of Arts Walk) and maybe even appear in a scene with youth actors from OlyActing! RSVP ahead of time to be a participant — email to register. And while those light, sound and camera people are setting up the next scene, visit The Olympia Ballroom’s lounge to see “Ten,” an exhibit by talented artist Cerilene Dula, age 10, who’s collaborated with her talented mother/photographer/filmmaker Janice Liu.

Also at The Olympia Center is Flamenco. Enjoy a Flamenco performance and then join the fun with Flamenco “palmas” — rhythmic clapping and hand movements. Well-known dance instructor Donna Pallo-Perez will also present basic Flamenco footwork. All ages are welcome. Join in, seated or standing; you’ll be “moved to move”!

Plus Melodies in Motion and The Language of Hula, and for visual art there is Cerilene Dula (mixed media) and Janice Liu (photography). Melodies in Motion is a lively, multi-generational group of ballet and tap dancers who bring joyful entertainment to under-served populations and raise funds for worthy causes in Olympia. They will have a lively performance for the Spring 2023 Arts Walk with special guest artists. Please check out their website at for upcoming classes.

Fri. April 28, 6-10 p.m.
Sat. April 29, Noon to 6 p.m.

Saturday at 11 a.m. you can join Language of Hulu in The Olympia Center gym for a live performance of modern and vintage dance from the Hawaiian Islands. Students of all ages from the Olympia Parks Hula class will share what they’ve learned about “the heartbeat of Hawaii” in an engaging celebration of this traditional form of honoring the stories and history of the islands. Bring the kids, bring Grandma, bring yourself to what’s sure to be an engaging performance.

Dance Filmmaking and Visual Art at The Olympia Center

Throughout Arts Walk; Flamenco Fri. April 28 @ 6 p.m.

The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia Center NW



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