OLY ARTS is a platform dedicated to coverage of the amazing theater, arts and culture our community has created. OLY ARTS combines the quality content of an arts subscription magazine with the convenience of a free weekly paper. We deliver information about arts and culture in the South Sound in multiple mediums: in a quarterly PRINT edition, weekly ONLINE at OlyArts.com, in a weekly PODCAST, via MOBILE apps and in a weekly arts and culture emailed NEWSLETTER.

OLY ARTS is a guide to local arts and culture, from the drama of Capital Lakefair to the eclectic beauty of the Procession of the Species and semiannual Olympia Arts Walk. Whether you were born here or are visiting for the day, OLY ARTS is your expert guide to the Olympia area.

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  • Washingtonians go to live events: In Washington state, a significantly greater percentage of the population than the national average attends live performances – 44%-52%
    (U.S. average is only 37.4%)
  • Washingtonians like music: Classical music attendance rate in Washington, 13.9%, is also much higher than the national rate.
  • Washington reads: Nearly 63% of adults in Washington read literature (poetry, plays, novels). (U.S. average rate is only 47%)
  • Americans love the arts: More than half (54%) of all American adults attended at least one live music, theater, dance event or art exhibit, last year alone. 120 million people enjoyed the arts.
  • Arts and culture contribute: the arts deliver more than $698 billion to the U.S. economy, or 4.32% to the U.S. GDP, more than construction ($586.7B) or transport/warehousing ($464.1B).
  • Arts have social impact: Research demonstrates that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement and child welfare, plus lower crime and poverty.
  • Arts and cultural spending have a ripple effect on the overall economy, boosting commodities, jobs and the local economy.  For example, for every 100 jobs created from new demand for the arts, 62 non-arts jobs are created.

SOURCES: NEA REPORT 2015 “States of Engagement: Arts Participation by U.S. Geography.” See more at: https://www.arts.gov.

Our print edition is hand-delivered by arts aficionados to local theater and concert patrons, while our weekly online and podcast updates are curated and customized to your interests. For advertisers and partners, OLY ARTS provides unique access to a highly-valued demographic of South Sound audiences and patrons.


OLY ARTS is published by OlyWorks LLC. Olympia arts booster Ned Hayes is our founder and editor-in-chief. He can be reached at publisher@olyarts.com. Our managing editor can be contacted at editor@olyarts.com.

Our freelance writing staff is a locally based team of arts and culture experts with deep roots in the South Sound. Our team includes a former New York Times reporter, as well as freelance writers for the Bellingham Herald, The News Tribune, The Olympian, The Pasadena Weekly, Seattle Weekly, Thurston Talk, and a variety of other publications.

Contact any member of our writing staff at editorial@olyarts.com.

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